Whats so funny about getting a bad rating from the HRA, Punchy?

My brother got ACWW today! Forgot to take pics though, sorry! In the afternoon, Kabuki moved into his town. Kabuki left ♪Mu-sic♪ not long ago, and I spoke to him and he remembered me! (I can’t possibly get him since I have his mad pic lol)

We had a fishing contest-who could catch the most expensive fish in 15 mins, and I ended up winning with a piranha. He forked over 1,000 bells which I took graciously, haha. I was low on funds since I just gave over 200,000 bells to the mortgage xD

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Aww yeahhhh!!

Just figured out how to take a half decent pic! Then the camera battery depleted ;_;
Expect and update soon as to how it is in my town!

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Beware…theres something fishy about this place….

Down in the town of ♪Mu-sic♪, lives a young girl named Ki.

She came to the town and it was in ruin… everything was quiet, depressing and messy, all because of one evil, evil….Racoon?

He was small, pointy-nosed and wore a little skimpy apron. He lived in this shack like building, called ‘Nook’s Cranny’, which was suggestively a hardware store. But it was far from your average store. As soon as you walked in the door, you may as well have been dead.

Ki tackled this, bravely living through all the horrible stuff he made her do (and the horrible stuff he did to her), under the circumstance that he came good, and stopped doing evil things to ♪Mu-sic♪ and its inhabitants. There was nothing else the old coger could do, so he promised to come good, make Nook’s Cranny into a proper hardware store.

Funnily enough he did come good, and is still good today, seeming to be cloned over and over to work in his hardware store for all animal crossingers everywhere. No longer was he the evil creature he used to be, but just a dumb slightly annoying racoon (I mean, following you around the store? What sort of shopowner does that?.)

“Haha, Nintendo left that little bit out didn’t they? I’m Ki, and I live in the awesome town of ♪Mu-sic♪. The towns *cough* a little bit (a large bit) away from being perfect, but its not far off (Well thats was Pelly told me. Phyllis was a little….meaner) Welcome to this blog! I’ll do my best to get half decent pictures of my game, but our camera isn’t ‘hip and stylish’ so they are most likely to be rubbishy lol.

Thanks for coming along!


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